We're up and running!

We've got two control rooms with private iso rooms, a huge main playing room with three different isolation rooms (a large, ambient drum room and two smaller, more acoustically 'dead' isos - the larger also suited for drums) for very flexible set-up choices with varied acoustics. Suitable for live band tracking of almost any size.

Each control room offers a wide variety of outboard preamps, compressors
and other processing in addition to the console preamps. Analog and digital multi-tracking.

We've a huge collection of microphones of every style and stripe,
a wide assortment of guitar pedals, amps, guitars and basses.
Two pianos, two harpsichords, a Wurlitzer, a Hammond with Leslie
and a large assortment of other keyboards and synthesizers.

In short, tons of tools and toys, great sounding rooms,
and all the tools needed to capture any idea, any style of music.